Dear Seeker -


A mysterious call from nearby, a vaguely familiar call from Beyond beckons you.

Listen. Make it a daily practice, even., to listen, to Hehr your call. 


The Caller and the calling are one. Who you call for, that which you call for, is calling for you as well.


During my morning sadhana, my devoted time for spiritual seeking, I hear these cosmic calls. During my morning sadhana, my dedicated time for spiritual seeking, I call out into the Cosmic Beyond. I tune in, closely, to hear responses from the Cosmic Beyond.


In my daily sadhana, I call and respond in a weaving pattern:


  • For 2 minutes, I chant the mantra Aum ஓம் and invoke cosmic sounds of creation
  • For 2 minutes, I am in silence within the infinite I Am ஓம்


  • For 2 minutes, I breathe in for 9 counts, pause for 3 counts, breathe out for 9 counts ஓம்


  • For 2 minutes, I am in silence within the infinite I Am ஓம்


I weave. In a pattern.


This is Tantra. Weaving. Tantra is weaving together silence with sound, weaving together human with divine, weaving together sacred with material, the physical nearby with the Cosmic Beyond.


I connect with my Jewel of Eternal Truths, my Subramanyam
I surround myself with my Beloved, my Sundaram my Sundaram
My Beautiful Masculine, he fills me with his presence

Oh my Beautiful One, my Beautiful One
I am your Neelam, your Neelam Sundaram


My mission, my dharam is calling out to me during my daily sadhana

Become become become, my dharam beckons me

Become become become
Become my truest self, the beautiful one, the Beautiful One

Oh my Beautiful One, my Beautiful One
I am your Neelam, your Neelam Sundaram


Oh Seeker, you may hear a different call. Each of us have a call each our own.
Any spiritual practice you choose is just fine. Free will. Choose your sadhana, your spiritual practice wisely, intuively.
In your spiritual seeking, invoke the great presence of your truest self, then ask about your life's mission, consider your dharam. Commit to your dharam.


Become who you are called to become, oh Seeker

Become who you are called to become


Your Truest Self


A Shining Jewel

A Cosmic Weaver

Sundaram Sundaram


Weave together your infinte selves

Subramanyam Subramanyam

You are being
You are becoming

You are your Eternal Self 

Sundaram Sundaram

I believe in you. I believe in me. I believe in us.

You are your Eternal Self 

Subramanyam Subramanyam


I am Neelam, Daughter of the Jewel of Eternal Truths, Subramanyam.

Sundaram Sundaram

I am Vallisundaram, Beloved of the Beautiful Masculine.

Subramanyam Subramanyam


I am Love Eternal,

Neelam Sundaram Vallisundaram Subramanyam

Morning Sadhana | For Spiritual Seekers | 4 Commitments


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