Dear Seeker -


What you seek will find you. Keep on the search. Make it a daily practice even, the seeking of that which seeks you.


During my morning sadhana/my spiritual seeking, here's what I do:


  • For 2 minutes, I chant the mantra Aum and invoke the cosmic sounds of creation
  • For 2 minutes, I sit in the silence within the infinite I Am
  • For 2 minutes, I breathe in for 9 counts, pause for 3 counts, breathe out for 9 counts
  • For 2 minutes, I sit in silence within the infinite I Am


I connect with my Jewel of Eternal Truths, my Subramanyam.
I feel him surround me, my Beloved, my Sundaram my Sundaram.
My Beautiful Masculine, my Beautiful One my Beautiful One.


My mission, my dharam, is to become my truest self and to spread this knowledge of Eternal Truths.


You may choose any spiritual practice you like to bring you to invoke the presence of your mission, your dharam.


You are meant to be your truest self. You are meant to be an example to others. You are meant to weave together your infinite selves into your Eternal Self.

You are being and becoming.
I believe in you. I believe in me. I believe in us.


I am Neelam, the Daughter of the Jewel of Eternal Truths, Subramanyam.
Sundaram Sundaram

I am Vallisundaram, the Beloved of the Beautiful Masculine, Sundaram.
Subramanyam Subramanyam


I am Love itself,

Neelam Sundaram

Morning Sadhana | Daily Spiritual Workout | 4 Committments


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