Dear Seeker of Lovers and Lover of Seekers -


Let me bhakti, devotion, open your own heart to your own bhakti, devotion. If your heart hears the calls of my heart, support my bhakti art by donating to my dharam to spread bhakti online. I set the price at $6.00 since Lord Murugan has 6 faces.


I am Neelam Sundaram Subramanyam, Daughter of the Jewel of Eternal Truths, Subramanyam. I am Vallisundaram Subramanyam, Beloved of the Beautiful Masculine, Sundaram Sundaram.


You belong to the Beautiful Ones, oh Seeker.


Sundaram Sundaram

Subramanyam Subramanyam

Aum Sarvanabhava 12 - Digital Bhakti Art


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