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Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Daily Sadhana with Kolams: Meditate on Form, Let Go of Form

Kolam (Tamil கோலம்) means beauty. Kolam is a sacred geometrical design made up of dots and lines. Kolams are typically drawn with rice flour and rice paste on the entrance floors of houses, temples and businesses or in front of puja altars. When drawn at the threshold or entrance of a home, temple, or business, the symbolic visual of the Kolam seeks to invoke union between the inner and outer spaces. Similarly, the Kolams drawn in front of puja altars symbolically represent the union of inner world with the outer world of the spiritual seeker.

Kolams are a meditation art, a ritualistic art. A simple, everyday Kolam may take 10 to 15 minutes of concentration and creativity to draw. An intricate Kolam could take from 2 to 3 hours of drawing, typically in silence, meditation, and with focus on mathematical patterns.

Kolams are a physical form, sacred geometry, representing the formless. Each day a Kolam is drawn, washed away the next day, only for a new Kolam to be drawn again. This daily sadhana inspires detachment, non-clinging, and letting go of form and beauty.

Meditate on today's kolam digital art and chant the mantra Aum. Create a Kolam today with designer, Bhargavi Mani at Kolam Podu.

May you become a Golden Alchemist. May you illuminate yourself and all those around you, while meditating on this kolam and chanting the mantra Aum. May you discover, deep within your inner self, the precious jewels that crystalize in daily alchemy with daily sadhana.

You are the Beautiful Ones, my Golden Alchemists, my Valiant Sacred Daughters and Sons.

I am Neelam,

Sundaram Sundaram

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