Aum Sarvanabhava 108 | Daily Sadhana 37 | Cosmic Sounds of Creation of Beautiful Masculine

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Daily Sadhana 37: Your Alchemy for Golden Illumination

I open my eyes. I breathe in. I close my eyes. I breathe out.

The first mantra I repeat silently, outspokenly:

Aum Sarvanabhava

I direct my mind to think golden thoughts. Ancient Golden Thoughts. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Ancient Golden Thoughts.

Mind Training to Generate Golden Thoughts

Here are the Golden Thoughts generated with the mantra:

Aum Sarvanabhava

Aum – Cosmic sounds of creation of the beautiful ones;

Sa – Cosmic sounds to attract the beautiful ones to your side;

Ra – Cosmic sounds to attract wealth and prosperity into your life;

Va – Cosmic sounds to resolve diseases, debts and physical discomforts;

Na – Cosmic sounds to overcome problems related to the dominance of dark masculine;

Bha – Cosmic sounds to attract beautiful masculine consciousness with love and devotion;

Va – Cosmic sounds to dissolve stagnating influences from dominance of dark masculine

Aum Sarvanabhava

May these Golden Thoughts illuminate you and all those around you today. May you, deep from within, discover the fruits of your daily spiritual investment, your alchemy, your daily sadhana.

You are the Beautiful Ones, my Valiant Sacred Sons, you are the Golden Ones.

I am Neelam,

Sundaram Sundaram

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