Aum 108 | Daily Sadhana 70 | Cosmic Sounds of Creation of Golden Alchemists, the Beautiful Ones

Daily Sadhana 70: You're the Golden Alchemist, the Beautiful One

Ancient Golden Alchemy. Modern Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Ancient Golden Thoughts. Modern Thinking.

Ancient Golden Alchemy

The mantra Aum is primordial, sacred sound resonating through this Universe like a pervasive, shared frequency. Aum is the Pranava mantra, the sound of life energy, prana (Hindi प्राण, Tamil பிராணன்). The highest vibration, the highest frequency of love and kindness. Everyone has the ability to generate within themselves the highest vibration, the highest frequency. Love and kindness.

How to Chant Aum

Aum, the cosmic sound of creation of Golden Alchemists, my Beautiful Ones.

To chant Aum:

1. Aaahhh

Visualize drawing breath and sound into your Brahmarandhra (the hollow place in the crown of your head), pulling breath into your Ajna Chakra or third eye (in-between your eyebrows). Now, chant the sound Aaahhh drawing breath and sound into your Brahmarandhra Chakra (crown), then Ajna Chakra (third eye).

2. Ohhhhh

Visualize drawing breath and sound deeper into your Vishuddha Chakra or throat, neck, and mouth. Now, chant the sound Ohhhhh drawing breath and sound into your Vishuddha Chakra.

3. Mmmmmm

Visualize drawing breath and sound into your Anahata Chakra or heart. As you finish the mantra with the sounds Mmmmmm, close the mouth and lips and let breath and sound resonate and vibrate within in your heart.

4. Take a deep breath, visualize breath and sound

Imagine breath and sound entering your Brahmarandhra (crown) flowing into your Ajna Chakra (third eye), flowing into your Vishuddha Chakra (throat) and resonating and vibrating within your Anahata Chkara (heart). Rest for a moment in the sacred silence and vibration of your heart.

May you create yourself by chanting the mantra Aum. May you become a Golden Alchemist, chanting the mantra Aum. May you illuminate yourself and all those around you, chanting the mantra Aum. May you discover, deep within your inner self, the precious jewels created in daily alchemy with daily sadhana.

You are the Beautiful Ones, my Golden Alchemists, my Valiant Sacred Daughters and Sons.

I am Neelam,

Sundaram Sundaram

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