Meditations on Love

நீளம் இல்லை சுந்தரம்  இல்லை
Without Neelam there is no Sundaram
சக்தி இல்லையேல் சிவம் இல்லை
Without Sakthi there is no Sivan

“Our whole world of consciousness is only a seed of the future. And when you succeed in the awakening of Kundalini, so that she beings to move out of her mere potentiality, you necessarily start a world which is a world of eternity, totally different from our world."


Carl Jung, 1932


The Psychology of Kundalini Yoga

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A Love Affair 

Love Notes to SELF

Sacred Union between you & YOU


Being in love is one of the most beautiful experiences ever. It is captivating and magical; beyond words. Love embraces and touches our soul.  It reconnects us to the source of love that is ever present within us.   


Often, when we think of being in love, we associate the love we feel with another person or thing.  It is natural to do so because it IS the other that re-awakens us to our connection to the source of love within.  And we do feel pleasure and joy from another. 


The pure bliss we feel from LOVE itself, comes solely from within.  If we place that feeling of pure love on another, when the another goes away, we often feel as though the source of love has also gone away.  This loss happens to most of us a different times in our lives and with varying degrees of discomfort, leaving us feeling disconnected to the joys of life.  


One of the best ways to sustain the enrapturing feeling LOVE is to remember that the true nature of love is ever present within us and to reconnect as often as possible to that source.  


Just as there is no recipe or rules for falling in love, because true love is spontaneous - love just happens; there is no recipe for this type of work.  The work comes from creating a quiet, sacred, meditative space within yourself and listening to your heart’s desires.  The feelings and emotions that arise from this sacred space come from your connection to Divine Love.  It is the presence of Divine love that heals, nurtures, comforts and soothes.  Divine love inspires and uplifts.  Divine love empowers and enriches LIFE.  

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