Exchange Lakshmi Sacred Wealth
சக்தி இல்லையேல் சிவம் இல்லை
Without Sakthi there is no Sivan
நீளம் இல்லை சுந்தரம்  இல்லை
Without Feminine there is no Masculine

"In Rome money-offerings were thrown every year into the lacus Curtius, formerly a chasm that had been closed through the sacrificial death of Curtius. He was the hero who went down to the underworld in order to conquer the danger that threatened the Roman state after the opening of the chasm."


Carl Jung, 1943

Exchange Lakshmi

Lakshmi is the sacred wealth or material rewards we earn and invest that bring us personal growth, self-discovery, and spiritual insights.

We accept Lakshmi from you in the form of Cash, Credit, Debit, and HSA cards. As well we accept your powerful energy to exchange and create beauty, truth, consciousness.


Please let us know your preferred method of investment in yourself and your offering of your sacred wealth for our healing work together.



Personalized Plans

Your healing and personal growth is unique to you.


We offer the opportunity to personalize your self-discovery journey with us based on yearly and monthly plans.


Feel free to email us to discuss a personalized plan unique to you.




Your Dharma

Of the 7.8 billion people on this planet, you have a personal and social dharma that is all your own. Your dharma is your contribution to this planet that emerges from your unique gifts and talents you discover within. 

You discover these unique gifts on your own in meditation and sacred silence as well as in sacred intimacy and sacred dialogue.

Begin a sacred dialogue with me. Let's discover what is your personal dharma and your social dharma here in this lifetime. 



Your time is so precious.

We deeply value our time too.


To cancel a session, please let us know 24 hours in advance.