Meet Our Community Partners


Community Yoga of Greater Lafayette, Indiana

Community Yoga offers an inclusive, welcoming space for the practice of yoga in the greater Lafayette area of Indiana.


It is our goal to make this practice accessible by keeping the costs of group practice and private sessions low.


We strive to foster a community of yoga practitioners dedicated to participation and involvement in the greater Lafayette area of Indiana. We hope you will join us.

We believe in teaching the practice of yoga and empowering our students to learn practices they can take off of their mat and into the rest of their lives.


Simone Yeomans, PhD, LMFT, Founder Your Stillness

Simone teaches meditative stillness. According to Simone, "meditative stillness is a journey and a practice, a vast and limitless realm that we can draw from every day, no matter where in our personal journey we are. It is the language of our soul."

It is her deepest wish to finally share and teach her understanding of meditative stillness practice with you. Simone teaches daily Meditative Stillness classes as well as Mini Retreats for children, teens/students and adults on Stillness for Mental and Emotional Wellbeing, as well as The Power of Visualization and Intent, Inner Child Connection, and Conscious Dreaming.


Andrea Morris

Founder, A Ripe Mango

I’ve been working with small business clients for years on creating marketing and website content. I was essentially creating marketing content to fulfill marketing strategies that didn’t exist, or that weren’t targeted to a specific audience. It wasn’t helping my clients make more money, or get better clients/customers of their own. Or spend more time with their kids, or walk away from their day jobs, or grow a prize-winning tomato.


So I changed what I do.


I treat  marketing content like saffron, The World’s Most Expensive Food. If paella is your business, we get the Spanish rice (the cheap, moderately easy part, in this case marketing strategy — was that obvious?) just right before tossing in the saffron.