What do You Need?

In the trusting bond between us, we open up creative space and emotional depth to explore what you need to feel you are living up to your very highest potential.


What do you need from yourself? What do you need from your family? What do you need at work and in your career? What do you need from life itself? What is your personal dharma for your own self? What is your social dharma, your contributions to community and humanity?


Dear Golden Alchemist and Beautiful One :


The beauty in me honors the beauty in you. 


Here's the latest update. I'm receiving an overwhelming number of phone calls and emails and it's taking me longer than usual to respond. If you really feel sure that I'm the one for you, please feel free to persist, send me an email weekly or leave me a message weekly. This will let me know you are very serious and fully committed about our working together, therapeutically, artistically, and with golden alchemy. I promise I'll find a protected time for us. 

Your grace, your patience means a lot to me right now as I figure out how to get back with you as soon as possible, rather than within 2 weeks, like has been the case lately. I know this is a delayed response time, and I'm working on a solution to get back with you as soon as possible.

Again, do feel free to email me weekly and leave me a message weekly to let me know you really want us to work together as soon as possible. I promise I'll find a protected time for us. I promise to invest as much time and energy in your self-discovery, your self-awareness, your self-realization as you invest in your own self.

We are connected, even when it seems like we are not.
Here are the many ways we can connect right now:


Let's Meditate Together with Videos

Let's Meditate Together with Art

Let's Write Expressively for Self-Awareness

Let's Create a Kolam Together

Kolam means beauty, sacred geometry. Kolam is a meditative, ritualistic art form originating in Tamil Nadu, India

Let's Listen to a Mantra Together

Let's Find Union in Yoga

Let's Write in Meditation with Likitha Jap

Liktha Jap is meditative writing of a mantra for a specific number of times a day, like 11, 27, 54, or 108

Let's Listen to Meditative Poetry Together (coming soon)


You are your greatest creation. Be who you are, become who you are. 
I am with you. I am with you.


Beautiful Energy,


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