Neelam Sundram Tantrika integrates Jungian therapy, psychology, and Tantra. Yoga is Union with Self.  Jungian Therapy and Tantra merge East and West approaches to awakening of the authentic Self.
சக்தி இல்லையேல் சிவம் இல்லை
Without Sakthi there is no Sivan
நீளம் இல்லை சுந்தரம்  இல்லை
Without Feminine there is no Masculine

"There is no village or country road where that broad-branched tree cannot be found in whose shade the ego struggles for its own abolition, drowning the world of multiplicity in the All and All-Oneness of Universal Being. This note rang so insistently in my ears that soon I was no longer able to shake off its spell."


Carl Jung, 1944