Neelam Sundaram, American Hindu Jungian, Ecstatic Erotic Guru, Gallery of Infinite Selves

The Self (Sanskrit आत्मन्, Tamil சுய) contains within it infinite selves.


I ask my photographers to look within the Collective Self. To see themselves, to see me, to see us in our truths. To look beyond our eyes and our eyesights. To dive deeply within this mysterious place beyond my body, beyond my murti (Sanskrit मूर्ति, Tamil மூர்த்தி). 


Together, we deep dive into the Collective Self,  to reveal infinite selves within the Collective Self. We play, we explore, we enter and go further still into the Grand Unknown. 


As infinite selves begin to reveal themselves to us, Self-Realization, Atmanvidya (Sanskrit आत्मविद्या, Tamil சுய அறிவு) we expand into a more whole, authentic self. And so begins the greatest creative process known to Man. The creation and integration of the Self, the Infinite, the Ever-Present, the Eternal Self.


Self-Creation. Self-Recreation. This is creative play, Leela (Sanskrit लीला, Tamil லீலா). We are all players and actors in this collective Leela. Acting, dancing, singing, sitting, raging, running, chasing, reinventing the infinite selves within the Collective Self.  

Neelam Sundaram

Tantric Vedic Artist and Art Model


சக்தி இல்லையேல் சிவம் இல்லை
Without Sakthi there is no Sivan
நீளம் இல்லை சுந்தரம்  இல்லை
Without Feminine there is no Masculine

Gallery of Infinite selves